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  • 電動空調系列 auto electrical air conditioner

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    The auto electrical air conditioner developed in our company is quiet and safe to save the energy,which has taken the advanced electrical vortex 
    technology,the electrical compressor is driven by the generator or battery,and the greater cooling capacity has been achieved by the lowest power 


    1. 空調可以在停車熄火情況下照常工作;
    2. 無需啟動,無需加油,空調可連續制冷2-10小時;無需擔心不啟動和電瓶虧電問題;
    3. 節約油耗,大貨車每100公里省油10-20元,降低運輸成本;
    4. 無需發動機帶動,減輕發電機負荷,避免發動機怠速空轉帶來的機件損耗;
    5. 零維護,低成本、零油耗,低噪音,方便舒適。


    1. The air conditioner work as usual in the case of the auto stop;
    2. The air conditioner can refrigerate for 2-10 hours continuously without start and refueling,and it is not necessary to worry about the no start and batteryd eficit;
    3.Save the oil consumption,RMB 10-20 has been saved per 100KM for the truck to decrease the transportation cost.
    4. It is not necessary to be driven by engine,the load of engine has been reduced,and the components consumptionn from the idling engine has been avoided;
    5.Zero maintenance,low cost,zero fuel consumption,low noise,it is easy and comfortable.
      The solution of 2-10 hours air conditioner operation has been supplied in the case of the auto stop,and the oil cost RMB 20,000-50,000 has been saved for each vehicle per year.

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