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    浙江寶佳利汽車空調配件有限公司坐落于浙江龍泉工業園區回歸工程廣濟街100號,占地面積15000平方米,建筑面積近10000平方米,是一家專業從事汽車空調配件生產的企業。公司原名浙江寶佳利工程機械配件有限公司,1997年創建于汽車空調配件的發祥地龍泉茶豐, 2002年搬往溫州甌海,2007年積極響應龍泉市委市政府號召回歸龍泉創業,2009年正式遷至中國汽車空調零部件基地----龍泉。





    Zhejiang BAOJIALI Auto Air Conditioning Co.,Ltd. is located in No.100,Guangji street,Huigui industrial park,Longquan city,convering an area of 15000㎡,with 10000㎡building area.We are a professional maufacturer of auto air conditioning parts. The company formerly known as Zhejiang baojiali construction machinery parts co.,ltd.,which established in Chafeng old industrial base in 1997,relocated to Ouhai Wenzhou city in 2002,in the year of 2007,we responded positively to the calling of the Longquan city party committee and government,return back to Longquan start our business, we officially moved to China production base of air conditioning & auto parst ---Longquan.

    In 2008,the company obtained the self managed import and export permision,and passed the ISO1400 environmental management system certification,and obtained utility model patent or an invention patent in 2009. In 2010, the trademark of “Baojiali”has been recognized as "Longquan Famous Brand" and company awarded the city advanced enterprise many times,one of the biggest trustworthy and taxpayer in Longquan city.
    Our main products are auto air conditioning evaporator,such as BEU-223L-100,BEU-226L-100,BEU-228L-100,BEU-848L-100 and Baojiali Brand A/C cooling parts. Our advanced equipment and sophisticated production processes and product quality is stable and reliable which has been unanimously praised by the customers for many years.As a result of our high quality products and outstanding customer service,products have been sold throughout the whole nation and some products have been entered the overseas market,such as US、Germany 、Australia、Singapore、Brazil、lran、Turkey and lndia.
    Since 2011,on the basis of manufacturing single evaporators`experiences and technologies,our company has invested substantial human,material resources and financial resources to developing and researching auto air conditioning cooling systems,speeding up the transformation and upgrading of the product.The products are mainly used for heavy trucks,light trucks,engineering vehicles,excavators,harvesters,refrigerator cars,mini buses,mini cars and so on.
    Our company holding tecnology as guide,service as center and quality as aim has established a steady marker and laid a solid customer base,promote"NNOVATION、EFFICIENCY、INTEGRITY、MULTUAL BENEFIT"enterprise spirits.We sincerely hope to cooperate with customers both at home and abroad,making products in professional,excellent and strong and strive to create a Bojiali brand BJL in China mini auto air evaporator units field.

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